The Digital Dental Revolution

Dentistry has gone digital. Gone are the days of waiting for x-rays to develop or trying to look at your teeth in a mirror. Modern digital x-rays and intraoral cameras are making dentistry more accessible and easier to understand for our patients here at Exclusive Dental. And we can deliver better dentistry, faster, and more comfortably than ever before with the high tech equipment available today. We are a world class facility that has the luxury of being able to try virtually every high-tech piece of equipment that dentistry has to offer today. You’ll be surprised how easy (and even interesting) dentistry can be here at our office.

Faster and Safer Digital X-rays

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Digital X-rays provide superior images with 40-60% less radiation than film x-rays. They are faster because we don’t have to wait for them to be developed, and we can use computer enhancements to see things that might be missed on film. We’ll look at all of your teeth using this safe form of radiography to make sure you don’t have any dental problems that could cause future discomfort, problems, or disease.

Intraoral Cameras are used to get a close up look at your teeth. It’s surprising to see what your teeth look like up close. We use the camera to check for decay, fracture, or other problems that are almost invisible to the naked eye. The cameras magnify your teeth 25 to 50 times! And we’ll let you see your teeth on a large screen monitor so you can get more involved with the decisions about your dental health.

Dentistry has evolved. The team at Exclusive Dental is ready to provide you with comfortable and effective care you need.

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