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Full or partial tooth loss impacts more than just appearance. It has negative consequences including impacting a person’s ability to eat, drink and effectively communicate and increasing the risk of developing systemic health disorders. Full or partial dentures offer a cost effective and convenient solution to this problem.

Full or partial dentures improve cosmetic appeal and consist of a natural, gum-colored base that securely fits over the remaining bone ridge that formerly held teeth in the mouth. Prosthetic teeth project from this base and are created to look and act just like natural teeth would. Dentures are not permanently secured and primarily held in place by a suctioning effect which is why it is so important that they are expertly crafted to very closely fit the bone ridge in the mouth.

With full dentures, are teeth are removed from the mouth. Then, healing takes place over several weeks or months. After the gums have healed, an impression of the mouth is taken, and the patient is provided with options with regard to the shape and color of the teeth. Your dentist will guide you through this process and assist you in making aesthetically pleasing choices that best support your facial structure and overall appearance.

All dentures are crafted in our innovative, on-site laboratory for convenience and precisely fitted and adjusted to ensure comfort and quality. Once ready, your next visit is scheduled, and your dentist will precision fit the dentures in your mouth. At times, follow up visits for adjustments are necessary to ensure the fit is comfortable.

More than just cosmetic, dentures support improved oral health and a higher quality of life. If you are self-conscious about missing teeth, contact Exclusive Dental Practice to schedule a no obligation consultation and discover the many advantages that dentures can offer you.

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