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People with white, bright smiles are perceived as more attractive, successful, capable and confident. As we age, our teeth are often exposed to food, drink and environmental factors that change their color and make our smiles less attractive. Fortunately, modern innovations have provided us with simple, non-invasive and cost effective solutions to regaining a beautiful, white and vibrant smile.

At Exclusive Dental Practice, we offer solutions to help patients discover their most attractive smiles. These cost effective methods are quick, non-invasive and offer amazing results of up to eight shades of whitening.

In-office whitening is ideal for patients who want to achieve a brighter smile nearly instantaneously. This method transforms the appearance of teeth in one simple, hour long visit. The procedure involves the careful placement of a gel on the teeth combined with the use of a special light to reduce the appearance of staining and deliver amazing results. The procedure requires no take home whitening trays, and results can last up to three years.

Our convenient take home whitening trays offer a safe and effective solutions ideal for patients who have limitations in their schedules or simply prefer a more do-it-yourself method of teeth whitening. They are also a great option for those who want to touch up professional results from in-office treatments. Whitening trays are customized to perfectly fit the patient’s teeth and much stronger than over the counter products. When used as prescribed, they whiten teeth up to eight shades with little to no sensitivity. The Exclusive Dental Practice explains proper usage of the trays and answers any questions to ensure safety and effectiveness of the take home trays.

Enjoy the many benefits of a bright, white and beautiful smile. Call Exclusive Dental Practice to schedule your teeth whitening consultation and discover the right solution for your exact needs.

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