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Your kids are special to us.  As parents ourselves, we understand your concerns about keeping your children safe and comfortable at the dentist.

In fact, we take it one step further. We like to make the dental office a fun and enjoyable place for your kids to visit. We’ll go out of our way to make sure every step of every procedure is done with care and concern so that, as your kids grow up, they will associate the dental office with loyal friends rather than scary doctors.

Baby teeth (also called primary teeth or deciduous teeth) are important! Those cute little teeth help our kids chew and speak. They also hold spaces into which adult teeth can emerge. Our children lose baby teeth early from trauma or decay, and occasionally children are born without some or all of their baby teeth. Sometimes we use space maintainers (little metal bands) to hold a space for the important adult tooth that might not erupt from the gums for months or years.

Spaces between are good. Your child may have perfectly straight teeth that touch each other side to side, and you might think they will have perfectly straight teeth as they grow up. But the fact is that adult teeth are much bigger than primary teeth, so we like to see spaces between a child’s front teeth.

It’s important to keep those primary teeth healthy and strong. While some people think that baby teeth aren’t that important because they are just temporary, the truth is that they serve many important functions to your child’s health.

Good home care is crucial. Some parents like to turn brushing into a game! Let your kids choose their own toothbrush color and toothpaste flavor. Perhaps the whole family can brush together. Use a chart to track brushing progress and reward your kids when they fill up the chart. And remember, good habits are caught, not taught! You kids are watching.

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