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Protecting your teeth while playing any sport seems obvious to us, but lots of people have suffered chipped and broken, or even avulsed (knocked-out) teeth because they haven’t used a mouth guard. One study showed that the most common causes of injury to children were basketball, football, bicycling, playgrounds, and soccer. While we hope your children enjoy all of these activities, we simply suggest that they use a sports guard.

Our professionally made sports mouth guards are much less expensive than the cost of repairing a broken tooth (or teeth). This is one investment that pays for itself many times over and prevents a fair amount of pain and suffering, considering that over 10 million people under the age of 23 each year suffer a sports-related injury! We don’t want you or your children to contribute to that statistic!

Our true fitting, custom made mouth guards make it much less likely that your teeth will be damaged. Plus, you get to choose your own colors! Call today to find out more.

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