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Cavities commonly present in all dental offices, but not all tooth pain immediately indicates that a patient has a cavity. Tooth discomfort or sensitivity is caused by many different underlying conditions ranging from improper brushing to gingivitis, exposed roots or even the teeth not occluding correctly (if your “bite is off”).

Exclusive Dental Practice takes the time to evaluate any pain in your tooth using our skilled eyes and innovative dental technology including digital x-rays. If you have a cavity, our office will advise you of treatment recommendations which often include a filling. Rest assured we only use the latest materials and tools to help guarantee a beautiful, long lasting and comfortable restoration.

If tooth discomfort is impacting your quality of life, do not wait to call Exclusive Dental Practice and schedule a consultation. We promise to get to work fast, analyzing the problem and making effective treatment recommendations that get you back to feeling and looking your best quickly.

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