Dentures are a popular option for replacing missing teeth, but when they do not fit correctly, it can result in a less than perfect smile. Improperly fitting dentures also make it more difficult to eat and speak and can increase a person’s risk of developing nutritional deficiencies and systematic health problems.

If the fit of your dentures is less than perfect, Exclusive Dental Practice is here to help. Our professionals will evaluate your bite, analyze your dentures and teeth and help you discover cost-effective fit solutions. These might include re-aligning or replacing your dentures with new dentures or implants. In most cases, there is more than one option for making improvements.

We will explain all options to you with our professional recommendations and the pros, cons and a cost analysis for each. Our goal is to give you the information needed to make an educated decision. We are also ready to answer your questions, help you realize your goals and spend the time necessary to assist you in achieving and maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile.

Don’t live with uncomfortable or unattractive dentures any longer. Call Exclusive Dental Practice and schedule your free consultation to learn more about modern dental innovations that can improve your smile and your health.  

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