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Dental crowns or caps help to restore beauty and functioning to the mouth by covering damaged, decayed or otherwise unattractive teeth. Crowns are permanently cemented to the existing tooth above the gum line and essentially become the tooth’s outer surface. They are aesthetically pleasing and created in the lab to exactly match the color and appearance of existing teeth in the mouth. Dental crowns strengthen teeth and return normal functioning to the mouth.

Dental bridges consist of crowns placed adjacent to a missing tooth atop healthy teeth in the mouth with a bridge between them. The bridge is placed where the missing tooth was located and attached to the abutments, or crowns, on the teeth surrounding it. Bridges can be fixed or removable, but fixed bridges are often the preferred long-term solution. Replacing a missing tooth with a bridge makes it easier for the patient to chew food, talk without impediments and smile confidently. Bridges also restore the natural shape of the face and are a long lasting dental option and often cost effective when compared to dental implants.

The process of placing a crown or bridge typically requires two to three visits to our office. Our on-site, state of the art lab simplifies the process of creating beautiful, lasting crowns and bridges and often reduces the wait time between appointments, making these procedures more convenient and cost effective for our valued patients.

At Exclusive Dental Practice, it is our goal to assist patients in restoring the appearance and functioning of their mouth in the most natural way possible. For many of our patients, crowns and bridges offer an effective solution that is natural in appearance and supports a healthy smile. If you have missing or broken teeth, learn more about the effective solutions our practice offers. Call and schedule a consultation with our team today.

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