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While bleeding gums are common, they are not normal or healthy. If your gums bleed frequently, it may be cause for concern. This is a good indication it is time to visit a dentist. Understanding the underlying cause and quickly addressing it is the best way to ensure your gums do not continue to bleed or develop into larger problems in your mouth.

At Exclusive Dental Practice, we provide a variety of effective services to reduce or eliminate bleeding gums. These often include evaluating your gums and recommending general cleanings, deep cleanings or periodontal surgery. Our professionals can also provide you with tips to help improve your at-home dental hygiene routine and eating habits which might prevent future instances of gingivitis and gum disease.

Bleeding gums are not something to simply live with. Let us evaluate your gums and help you to remedy any underlying problems. Call and schedule a consultation with Exclusive Dental Practice today.

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